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50 Ways 2 #Say Thanks

50.  Hand write a card!

49.  Capture the moments that matter.  Take pictures of workers in action and post them on a Thank You Wall so show everyone the impact of the efforts!

48.  Simply say it.  To everyone.  Have executives and board members and leaders go to each worker in your organization and say thank you.  Hugs optional.

47. Make them the star for a day. Roll out red carpet. Have a greeting line. (Go overboard and send a limo.)

46. Invite everyone to participate in a flash mob that draws attention to the work & efforts.  (Click here for sample idea.)

45. Offer a thanks day free of electronic interruptions. No email or phone response needed.

44. Create a thank you coupon book. Coupon ideas…leave early, lunch, sleep in, no interruptions in the office day.

43. Give a ribbon of thanks. Encourage thanks for all who wear the ribbon.

42. A thank you outing! Baseball game. Zoo. Cookout in a park.

41. Window markers. Write a public thank you on an office window, or glass door, or car (no windshields)!

40. Tell the story! What is the impact that makes you thankful. Share via email or blog.

39. A Thank You Cake. Can accompany brownies, ice cream, or candy as listed below.

38. Pay for a continuing education conference, or a community event, or something else he or she enjoys doing.

37. Write a newsletter blurb, or news article, or blog, or essay of thanks.

36. Give a book. Something that will help them grow. Or something that fits with their interests.

35. Say thanks with coffee or tea and donuts or muffins.

34. Throw a party! Invite those to be thanked. Invite those who are thankful. Invite dignitaries to say thank you.

33. Give an ITunes or Amazon gift card for music or books.

32. Flowers! Don’t have to be fancy or expensive. Simple vase, single tulip or daisy, or divide a pack or flat.

31. Hold a thank-a-thon. Get a group together and make thank you phone calls!

30. Create a thank you craft. Need ideas, check these out from tip junkie (click here).

29. Send an e-card thank you.  (Sample site.)  Most providers have free trials.

28. As prices go up this summer, pay for a tank of gas as a thank you.

27. Just say it…in person. Walk down the hall and tell someone thank you for his or her effort.

26. Give a thank you gift that is useful: reusable shopping bag, water bottle, etc.

25. Give an award. Big and serious or small and silly.

24. Organize a card shower, with notes of thanks from a whole community or family.

23. Make an animated thank you video using or similar video site. (Sample site)

22. Invite someone to thank out to lunch.

21. Make saying thanks a habit. Email a thank you at the beginning of every day.

20. Give someone to thank a day off, or a night out.

19. Send a balloon. Or lots of balloons. But not too many balloons.

18. Arrange a dinner to thank a group. Invite others to serve those being thanked.

17. Plant a tree in the name of the person you are thanking.

16. Give chocolate. Nothing says thank you quite like chocolate. (Except maybe ice cream.)

15. Write thank you in a note in many different languages.

14. Use an online photo print company to make a personalized notepad to give in thanks.

13. Print shirts or hats with a logo, or message, that conveys value.

12. Print a thank you banner, hang it at a main entrance. Or make a poster and put it on the door.

11.  Put a sign of thanks on an office door or somewhere in your house so all see it.

10. Ice cream. Nothing says thank you quite like ice cream (or frozen yogurt).

9. Pay it forward. Do something nice and out of your normal routine for someone else.

8. Have a child color a thank you picture to give as thanks.

7. Take a picture of yourself smiling or celebrating and send it with a note that expresses your thanks.

6. Make a small donation to a good cause as recognition of the person and their effort.

5. Record a short video and post to Youtube. Great 4 a team.

4. Bake cookies or brownies 2 deliver as a thank you.

3. Write a note and put it where it will be stumbled upon later – refrigerator, desk chair, etc.

2. Send a tweet and post thanks on a friend’s FB wall. Best when they’re not expecting it!

1. Hand-make a card. OK, so it is also #50 on the list, but never underestimate the value of a hand written thank you note!  In a world of social media, the personal effort means much.