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ACYCP Organizational Tree

The Association for Child & Youth Care Practice, Inc. (ACYCP) is a membership organization of Child & Youth Care practitioners, service providers, and state and regional associations committed to improving the profession of child and youth care (CYC).

To learn more about how ACYCP champions Youth Work Professionals in the US and internationally, check out the following video.


ACYCP is the voice of practitioners from all sectors of the profession. Our members work in all of the major service settings including early childhood education, education, out-of-school-time, child welfare, congregate care, mental health, transitional living, employment, runaway & homeless services, recreation, juvenile justice, community-based youth services, and developmental disabilities.

ACYCP members accomplish a variety of critical roles including direct practice developmental support, casework, supervision, higher education, teaching, mentoring, coaching, administration, policy development, and research.


ACYCP's mission is to engage practitioners in building the child and youth care profession. We build collaborative partnerships, promote innovative training and education, shape public policy, and inform developmental practice through research and scholarship.


We envision a society that recognizes, understands, and supports the essential role of child and youth care work in ensuring the well-being and success of children, youth, and families. ACYCP aspires to excel as an influential and innovative organization advancing child and youth care practice throughout the profession.

Since its founding in 1997, ACYCP has collaborated with its partners to lead the Child & Youth Care Profession forward. Its history includes:


There is probably no undertaking more essential to the stability of humanity than the nurturing of each generation into mature self-actualizing adults. This task falls mainly to youth and childcare workers. Often underpaid and overworked, these professionals are society’s first responders to the many crises, which can impact human development in the most formative years. Primarily through its professional certification program, the Association for Child and Youth Care Practice, Inc. (ACYCP) supports these care providers in the acquisition and use of best practices. Employing research-based methods, plus personal dedication ensures strong measurable outcomes. ACYCP bolsters both the individual and the collective field through communication, education, and advocacy. These activities encourage individual lifelong learning, self-care, and career dedication. As such, ACYCP seeks the financial support of its Vision and Mission, which guide its daily practices. ACYCP reaches every community of care across the entire spectrum of youth and childcare services, with proven results. Through the prudent stewardship of its resources by an all-volunteer staff and board, ACYCP has maximized its direct benefit to its members and the profession at large for over 40 years. An investment in ACYCP is an investment in the quality of tomorrow’s citizens.

Join us and help ACYCP bring the promise of child and youth work to all the children, youth, families, and communities of the United States and the world.

ACYCP Organizational Tree

Call For Proposals:

We are inviting scholars, researchers, practitioners, and experts in the field of child and youth work to submit proposals that address various dimensions of ethics.


Breaking News:

Breaking News: ACYCP completes revision of the Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals


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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Breaking News:

ACYCP Completes Benchmark Issues and Salary/Benefits Survey


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Please consider a donation to the ACYCP.   



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Yes, we offer on-line registration and renewals with payment through PayPal.  To join ACYCP, follow the membership link.

Journal of Child and Youth Care Work

The past 25 volumes of the Journal are now online and free to use. Most of the pioneers of the Child and Youth Care field have written for this Journal. We encourage you to check out these historic volumes.

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The International Child & Youthcare Network (CYC-Net) is a registered non-profit and public benefit
organisation in South Africa (031-323-NPO, PBO 930015296), running in terms of its own Constitution.