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ACYCP is proud to announce that it is joining forces with FICE USA.

A global world requires global partners especially when it comes to meeting the needs of young people. For over 10 years ACYCP has partnered with FICE USA and FICE International. FICE represents an international network uniting diverse nations through a common vision: to promote the highest standards of services for children and young people and to create positive environments for these children through carefully developed systems of care.

ACYCP members now can get more involved with global youth work by joining the ACYCP - FICE USA Council. Check out our membership options today.

ACYCP Organizational Tree

Rich History:

ACYCP has a long tradition of working with and supporting the work of FICE USA.
Delivering professional development workshops on child and youth care competencies across Australia, the first ACYCP representative to FICE was Professor Karen Vander Ven from the University of Pittsburgh.

Together with ACYCP Board Members, Professor Vander Ven, Professor Carol Kelly, Professor Martha Mattingly, and Sr. Madeleine, eventually led training on quality care, professional practice, and evidence-based strategy at more than 25 FICE conferences around the world.

ACYCP has engaged in international action to professionalize child and youth care workers over the past 50 years. Examples include providing environmental and outdoor education in Spain and Japan which was led by Board Member, Will Greenaway. Joining a worldwide initiative to prevent violence, ACYCP Treasurer Hector Sapien traveled to El Salvador to teach trauma-informed care.

Global articles by Past ACYCP President Andy Schneider-Munoz and Karen Vander Ven were read this year by more than 418,018 people around the world. You may want to read After School Around the Globe or Adolescent Psychology in Today’s World: Global Perspectives.


The ACYCP - FICE USA Council is under the great leadership of founder, Dennis Felty and Chair, Charles Hooker, both from Keystone Human Services in Harrisburg, PA. The ACYCP - FICE USA Council members include Rachel Murphy, Michael Griffith, Marita Van Aswegen, Madeleine DeHart, Janet Wakefield, and Ruth E. Siegfried.

Specific Activities of the ACYCP - FICE USA Council:

  • Organizes events for professional staff, including conferences, study trips, and pilot projects
  • Encourages professional exchanges focused on services for young people
  • Encourages international internships and educational exchanges for students and young people worldwide.
  • Conducts research on specific problems in the field of childcare and clinical services.
  • Proposes new programs and methods in the field of children and youth services as well as programs for families in need of support.
  • Influences public opinion and public policy with the intent of improving the status of children and the quality and availability of services and supports.
  • Provides information sharing and consultation services among member organizations.
  • Encourages member organizations to develop a broad worldview on the status of Children and best practice service models.
  • Creates the opportunity for partnerships and links between members of FICE USA and other FICE Members.
  • Promotes the participation of ACYCP - FICE USA members in the FICE International Conference.
  • Encourages members of ACYCP - FICE USA to share resources with other FICE members who are working in the early stages of building a children's service system in their country.
  • Encourages the development of comprehensive systems of care and long-term perspectives on the needs of children.
  • Encourages the development of public policy and funding appropriate to the needs of children and young people.

Call For Proposals:

We are inviting scholars, researchers, practitioners, and experts in the field of child and youth work to submit proposals that address various dimensions of ethics.


Breaking News:

Breaking News: ACYCP completes revision of the Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals


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Breaking News:

ACYCP Completes Benchmark Issues and Salary/Benefits Survey


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Journal of Child and Youth Care Work

The past 25 volumes of the Journal are now online and free to use. Most of the pioneers of the Child and Youth Care field have written for this Journal. We encourage you to check out these historic volumes.

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