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ACYCP + FICE USA Individual Membership - $70 per person per year

Membership OptionsWelcome! ACYCP has partnered with FICE USA to promote youth work worldwide. FICE represents an international network uniting diverse nations through a common vision: to promote the highest standards of services for children and young people and to create positive environments for these children through carefully developed systems of care.

Get involved with our Global Youth Work committee by becoming a member of ACYCP + FICE USA.
Below you will find your ACYCP + FICE USA Individual Membership benefits. And don’t forget that this membership fulfills your professional association membership requirement under CYCCB (CYC-P) certification.

Individual Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly CYC Advocate with child and youth care (CYC) professional development tips and news
  • Monthly Membership Memo, with resources, CYC news and ACYCP activity updates
  • Access to CYC job openings in the US, Canada and abroad
  • Access to venues on which to post your job search materials
  • Automatic consideration for exclusive ACYCP scholarships upon application
  • Discounts to affiliated CYC local and national professional conferences
  • Discounts at affiliated CYC local and national workshops and webinars
  • Free access to ACYCP workshops and webinars
  • Free access to resume, cover letter and related career/job search materials
  • Access to international workshops and conferences (FICE)
  • Access to professional CYC forums in which to share your achievements
  • Access to professional awards and recognitions
  • Support for personal CYC research and continuing education
  • Access to CYC “best practices” information and resources
  • Voting privileges on ACYCP board elections
  • Automatic approval to stand for committee chair appointments
  • Automatic standing to run for board elections and appointments
  • Networking and mentoring opportunities with CYC professionals
  • Promotional support for member programs and events


Want to know more? Please contact:
Michael Mitchell, MAT
Chair-ACYCP Membership Services Committee
Madison, WI