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FICE 2016 Congress Award

Veronika Scharer and Katerina Simeonova, leaders of the FICE 2016 Congress planning committee, were presented certificates and a Journal from ACYCP to express for their excellent support, expertise, and availability in accommodating our USA participants.

Believing Does Not Make It So!

Moving from Faith to Facts in the Message of Our Work

Lorraine E. Fox, Ph.D.

In these days of “Outcome Based Funding” and “Evidence-Based Practice”, those of us working with wounded, discouraged, demoralized, and vulnerable young people are challenged to find a way to talk concretely about our work and the results of our work.

We know what our task is, and that is to engage with children, young people and families in ways that lead to healing and better lives for those who have been abused and neglected, as well as for those who have hurt them.  And one of the evidence-based facts of abuse is that many, if not most, of adults who hurt children were children who were hurt.  This would make the basic principles of intervention the same for both the children and their families.

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Jennifer Brooker MYHEM, M.Ed.

Youth Work in the U.S.:

A Survey of In-house Professional Knowledge

Jennifer Brooker MYHEM, M.Ed.
RMIT University, Australia

On Sunday, October 25, 2015, 80 CYC practitioners were accompanied by family and friends, as they boarded the Royal Caribbean’s Navigator of the Sea to attend the Triennial All-Journey Leadership Symposium on the Sea / Smart Talk Conference.   Sailing to Honduras, Belize and Mexico, all of the attendees were current or past participants in one of the Journey Fellowship’s professional development Fellowship programs since 2002.  

With its center in Indiana, the Journey hosts professional development programs for aspiring students and practicing professionals, wherever they are in their vocational journey, to begin or renew their careers in youth development.  Providing year-long programs, which includes four retreats throughout the year, the professional development is for CYC executives, students, new professionals and navigators or ambassadors - those committed to promoting the CYC practice and core competencies in Indiana.  Each cohort participates in “… a variety of programs that seek to support the renewal and professionalization of current and prospective youth workers in Indiana and around the country since its inception in 2002” (The Journey Online 2015).  

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Advancing Child and Youth Work Through Professional Preparation:

Proceedings of the Summit on Higher Education in Child and Youth Work at the University of Pittsburgh

Karen VanderVen, Ph.D., Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology in Education University of Pittsburgh

     As the field of child and youth work continues its decades-long effort to professionalize through instituting  a system of training and education to produce a recognized knowledgeable and skilled workforce,  it periodically assemble its constituents to formally review progress and to plan for the future .  There is a long tradition of addressing this area, beginning with the University of Pittsburgh and with other organizations and universities continuing the precedent of convening groups to address this area.  Many new developments in the field, including the seminal development and implementation of the certification program of the Child and Youth Care Certification Board and the CYW Workforce Coalition, made this a new review and planning activity necessary and timely.

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FICE Federal Council


Hello ACYCP Board Members,
Here is the information Carol Kelly was talking about regarding her recent FICE meeting.

Thanks Carol for keeping ACYCP connected internationally via FICE!

FICE Federal Council (board) meeting was  held in the Netherlands, March 30th - April 1st, 2016. I presented Volume 24, PROFESSIONAL CHILD & YOUTH WORK PRACTICE FIVE DOMAINS of COMPETENCIES , to Gitta Griffione, FICE Europe Board President on behalf of ACYCP. She expressed appreciation and will share with members.  There is great interest in our national certification so our Journal will be of  interest to many.

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