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ACYCP President's Award


The ACYCP Board President has historically honored individuals in the child and youth work field for a variety of accomplishments for the field.

Description and Criteria & Nomination Process

A variety of factors contribute to choosing a President’s Award recipient. Past award winners have been recognized for a variety of reasons for their service and contributions to the field of child and youth work.

There is not a formal nomination form. This award is at the discretion of the current ACYCP Board President.

Past Recipients

2023 ACYCP President's Awards
Tom Woll
Laura Klemm

2021 ACYCP President's Awards
Mary Krause, CYCCB and Academy Offices (Texas)

2020 ACYCP President's Awards
The late Kaylin Jones, Milwaukee Academy of Science and Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Milwaukee WI

2019 ACYCP President's Awards
Presented to: Michael Mitchell (Wisconsin)
Presented to: Hector Sapien (Maine)

2018 ACYCP President’s Awards
Presented to: Dale Curry (Ohio) - In honor of service to CYCCB
Presented to: Frank Eckles (Texas) - In honor of service to CYCCB
Presented to: Dennis Felty (Pennsylvania) - In honor of service to FICE International

2017 ACYCP President's Awards
In honor of ACYCP’s 40th Anniversary, all former living Presidents were honored including:
Cubie Bragg
Norman Powell
Peter Rosenblatt
Dave Thomas
Chip Bonsutto
Jean Carpenter-Williams
Andy Schneider-Munoz