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Agency Membership Options

Membership OptionsGreetings Child and Youth Care Agency Directors,
We are excited to offer three different annual agency membership options depending on your staff size.

1 - 20 staff memberships - $500
21 - 41 staff memberships - $1,000
42 or more staff memberships - $20 per staff member

As an Agency Member, your staff will also have automatically met the professional CYC association membership requirement as part of CYCCB certification, for which your agency receives extra credit from the Council On Accreditation (COA). 

Check out our MEMBERSHIP PAGE  to enroll today!  

Thank you for serving youth by investing in the people who make it all happen! 

Yours in youth and child care, 

Michael Mitchell, MAT
Membership Services Chair

  • Agency memberships include UP TO 20 Individual ACYCP memberships, with associated benefits for each staff person. A 40% savings over single individual memberships!
  • Access to graduating students seeking entry-level employment in your area
  • Promotion of your internship opportunities to area colleges and universities
  • Access to professional child and youth care (CYC) job seekers across the U.S. and Canada
  • Webinars on timely topics essential to agency staff
  • Staff discounts at ACYCP sponsored workshops and conferences
  • Staff assistance in achieving professional child and youth care certification
  • Quarterly e-newsletter (The CYC Advocate) and monthly Membership Memo
  • Frame-able agency membership certificate
  • Advertisement of agency services and events

Note: New employees may be added (up to the maximum) at no additional charge during the term of the annual membership. Resigning employees will have the option of picking up an Individual Membership on the renewal date for their former employer. Student Memberships are not available under Agency Membership.



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