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Thanks for making a nomination for the Election to the ACYCP Board of Directors.

Please have the person who you are nominating provide the information outlined below: In the 'Brief Biography', please include information about yourself that you believe will help others understand how you are qualified to become a board member.
In the 'Brief Statement of Intention', please include a statement about why you seek to join the ACYCP Board and what you hope to accomplish as a board member. What is your why? What ideas do you have?

The information on this form will be included on the election ballot.

Please submit on-line by the posted deadline.
Questions, comments or concerns? Please contact Michael Mitchell,, (608)846-2860 [Madison, WI]

Breaking News:

Breaking NewS: ACYCP completes revision of the Standards for Practice of North American Child and Youth Care Professionals


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 Thank A Youth Worker Day

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Breaking News:

ACYCP Completes Benchmark Issues and Salary/Benefits Survey


Youth Workers Build the Future

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Please consider a donation to the ACYCP.   



You Can Now Join ACYCP On-line!

Yes, we offer on-line registration and renewals with payment through PayPal.  To join ACYCP, follow the membership link.

Journal of Child and Youth Care Work

The past 25 volumes of the Journal are now online and free to use. Most of the pioneers of the Child and Youth Care field have written for this Journal. We encourage you to check out these historic volumes.

journal cover

An Invitation...

FICE 2017


The International Child & Youthcare Network (CYC-Net) is a registered non-profit and public benefit
organisation in South Africa (031-323-NPO, PBO 930015296), running in terms of its own Constitution.