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P.O. Box 510423
Milwaukee, WI 53203
CONTACT        Voice: 414-519-3130




  • Research, Ethics, and Publications
  • Professional Development
  • Public Awareness and Partnerships
  • Board and Committee Development
  • FICE USA Council


By-Laws Committee: The By-Laws Committee shall review the development of policies and procedures of the Corporation as well as these By-Laws, and present to the Board of Directors and/or the Executive Committee recommendations designed to ensure orderly and effective development of policies and procedures.

Elections Committee: The Elections Committee is responsible for the conduct of the elections of Directors and Officers of the Corporation in accordance with these By-Laws.

Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall develop and recommend to the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee policies regarding the management of the financial affairs of the Corporation.

Scholarships and Awards: The scholarship and awards committee will organize the scholarship and award nominations process.