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Delegate at Large I: Elizabeth Anne Brown

Anne Brown currently works at Heritage Ranch as a Volunteer.   Her current work centers around Program Development and Grant Writing.  She also works for Brown Industries where she has developed and Implemented the Human Resource Department, the Safety Programs while she has functioned as Human Resource Manager, Safety, Health, and Environmental Manager, and currently the Customer Relationship Managerr.  Anne received her MA in Music Performance and her Master’s of Social Work from Louisiana State University.  Anne is principally interested in adoption (all forms), trauma related to abuse healing and recovery, the importance of “voice”, and family and youth systems.  Anne has over 35 years of experience in the inter-disciplinary human services field, having worked with youth and families in numerous capacities as a coach, mentor, service learning director, smaller group leader in alternative school, Clinical Supervisor at youth shelter and transitional living program for 3 years, and foundational development and implementation of programs, curriculum development , across cultural and socio-economic population in the Greater Baton Rouge Area.  She is a Trainer for the Academy of competent Youth, a MAPP-GPS Trainer for the state of Louisiana, a Red Cross Instructor, a COSS Certified Occupational Safety Specialist.) graduate, and certified as CYC youth worker.

Anne’s professional experiences in educational settings range from a secondary school teacher, and counselor (6th  to 8th) at an Alternative School (6th – 12th) as well as a mentor, tutor, trainer and curriculum developer for the Big Buddy through mentoring, In-school and after school programs, and mentoring coordinator  year-round.   She has worked with all ages, birth through young adults as a Children’s and Youth Pastor, as teacher in multiple roles within the church community – with a primary emphasis in leadership development and the use all art forms to strengthen the youth as well as the local church school.   One her greatest accomplishment was developing and coaching a multicultural swim team in the Greater Baton Rouge area, through completion, at the local YMCA.  She has done multiple presentations in schools, school, and workshops in the areas of abuse, mental health,  community collaboration and adoption.   Her personal experiences include healing and recovery from abuse (over 22 years) and adoption (placing a child up for adoption and reunification, for nearly 25 year) –a life-long process which began at the age of 37.  Her home has been a place of refuge for youth, young adults and families who have lived there from days to years , fully integrated into the family system.  She has six children and  has twenty-one grandchildren of her own.  Her passion for youth and child serves as her motivation to see youth workers and youth to become more equipped to handle and live in the environment they are placed.