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Delegate at Large O, Academy Appointed Position: Sister Madeleine Rybicki

Academy Appointed Position

Sister Madeleine Rybicki is a National and International Trainer and Consultant.  She holds a B.S degree in Education from Duquesne University and a Masters degree in Child Development and Child Care from the University of Pittsburgh where she won the Special Department Alumni Award in 2008- Psychology of Education.  Sister is a member of the religious congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Sr. Madeleine has been a strong, dedicated advocate working for children and families for over forty years.  Here experience as a teacher, child and youth worker, Director of Residential at Holy Family Institute in Pittsburgh, Founder and Director of the Parmadale Training Institute in Parma, Ohio and the Director of Training at Holy Family Institute has given her a culturally rich diverse background in working with mentally challenged youth.  Training is her passion.  She is a member of many boards, including the Academy of Child and Youth Care Professionals (President); Association of Child and Youth Care Practioners; The National Staff Training Development Association;  Ohio Association of Child and Youth Care Workers and the Vice President of the CYCCB.