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Ideas & Resources

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Below you will find ideas and resources (including sample press releases, proclamations, newsletter inserts, and ribbons) for celebrating Thank A Youth Worker Day.


  1. Put Thank A Youth Worker Day (TAYWD) on your calendar.
  2. Send a TAYWD link to your friends and colleagues.
  3. Sign up to receive information and TAYWD reminders.
  4. Wear and display an orange awareness ribbon on TAYWD. Ribbons are available for purchase at Awareness Ribbons.
  5. Engage your friends and colleagues to get involved and celebrate TAYWD.
  6. Update your social media status and tag TAYWD. One FB example: “Today is Thank A Youth Worker Day. Make this your status today and thank a youth worker who impacts your life or community.”
  7. Add a TAYWD tag to your email signature.
  8. Personally ask a local youth serving organization to get involved.
  9. Write or blog about TAYWD and the importance of Youth Workers in your community or life.


  1. Ask local government officials (mayor, city council, county council) to proclaim TAYWD locally. (See sample proclamation).
  2. Contact local youth-serving networks/agencies to promote TAYWD (ie, community, government, faith based organizations, etc.)
  3. Send a press release to local media outlets and encourage local media (ie, newspaper, radio, TV, etc) to do feature stories on local Youth Workers. (See sample press release)
  4. Host and/or coordinate a community event that celebrates Youth Workers.
  5. Contact area businesses or organizations with large or electronic sign boards with a request to promote TAYWD.
  6. Post flyers throughout the community to promote TAYWD.
  7. Invite youth-serving and government networks/agencies to post TAYWD on their websites.
  8. Enroll parents in the community to create a plan to thank Youth Workers.
  9. Invite local eateries to run specials/discounts on that day for Youth Workers.


  1. Distribute orange ribbons to all supporters, including clients, participants, partners, employees, etc. You can order ribbons at Awareness Ribbons.
  2. Host a TAYWD event (i.e. luncheon, reception, open house, breakfast, insert your best idea here!)
  3. Ask youth in your organization to plan a thank you for your front-line Youth Workers.
  4. Gather and send thank you notes from parents, youth, and other staff to every Youth Worker in your organization.
  5. Post flyers in your building and in the community to promote TAYWD.
  6. Engage your local media: send a press release to local media outlets, invite media to local events, etc. (See sample press release)
  7. Feature stories about your Youth Workers in internal and external publications.
  8. Put information about TAYWD on your website and in all publications.
  9. Partner with other organizations in your area for a community-wide celebration.


50 Ways 2 Say Thanks
2024 Flyer
TAYWD Cheat Sheet

Sample Press Release

Sample Proclamation

Sample Newsletter

Thank A Youth Worker Day Ribbon

Sample Email to Friends

Share Your Thanks On Social Media: Thank A Youth Worker Day Facebook

Organize a Flash Mob: In 2012, Flash Mobs were organized around Indiana to call attention to the field of youth work. Check out this video to get inspired!

Make a Video: Here are some examples.