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P.O. Box 510423
Milwaukee, WI 53203
CONTACT        Voice: 414-519-3130

Other ACYCP Representatives

  • Jean Carpenter-Williams, Director of Training Development, OUNRCYS

  • Cindy Carraway-Wilson, CYCCB President

  • Dale Curry - Advisor, Kent State School of Lifespan Development and Educational Sciences

  • Madeline DeHart, FICE USA Council

  • Tim Duffey, Past Treasurer, Past President and Co-Founder, Bolster Collaborative, Inc. & Vision Training Associates, Inc. 

  • Frank Eckles - Executive Director, CYC Institute; Executive Director, Academy for Competent Youth Work; Past President, CYCCB

  • James Freeman - Advisor, Casa Pacifica Centers for Children and Families

  • Charles Hooker, FICE USA Council

  • John Korsmo - Former VP, Western Washington State

  • Dr. Andy Schneider-Munoz - Past President & Advisor, Retired

  • Karen Vanderven - Advisor, University of Pittsburgh